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Founded in 1997, Ferroplast Medical LLC occupies one of the first places on the market of specialized equipment, the operation of which is based on UV disinfection technologies, ultrasonic cleaning methods and other supporting methods.

The Company focuses on:

  • the development and production of household and medical devices intended for air disinfection in crowded places,
  • disinfection of various surfaces,
  • maintaining sterility of instruments and materials in medical practice and cosmetology,
  • pre-sterilization cleaning of surgical and dental instruments of varying degrees of complexity,
  • aspiration of organic liquids,
  • obtaining distilled water and more.

The continuous production and commercial growth of Ferroplast Medical LLC is determined by clear and coordinated work of all its subdivisions:

  • metalworking production,
  • electrical engineering section,
  • painting line,
  • assembly workshop,
  • testing section,
  • design engineering department and production engineering design consultancy,
  • supply and marketing services.
More than 20 years on the market of specialized equipment
Our production department has a complete technological cycle from design to manufacture of products; we also carry out design, manufacture and delivery of products according to special customer requirements.

  • The Company has about 100 highly qualified employees. The subdivisions include leading engineering personnel in the field of metalworking, electronics, electrical and lighting engineering.

  • Ferroplast Medical LLC offers a wide range of professional equipment for the needs of medical institutions.

  • All the equipment manufactured by our Company complies with Russian quality standards, is certified and has the necessary findings confirming declared equipment parameters.

  • In the course of manufacture we use high-quality corrosion-resistant materials: food-grade stainless steel, impact-resistant monolithic polycarbonate resistant to harsh germicidal UV radiation, environmentally friendly polymer powder coatings, various types of polymers approved for use in medical practice. Each product undergoes preliminary acceptance tests before release.

  • he electrical part of the products has a high protection level regarding electrical safety and is serviceable under various climatic conditions. The "smart" electronics installed on our equipment helps to spend minimum efforts during its operation.

Ferroplast Medical LLC pursues an active marketing policy on the markets of Russia and CIS countries. The company's turnover increases year on year over the past few years. The dealer network in Russia and CIS is constantly growing and expanding; there is a positive experience in the supply of equipment to other countries. The Company is constantly expanding the geographical boundaries of application of its equipment and is looking for new partners and a long-term cooperation.

The medical institutions from 85 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as healthcare institutions in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus have already tilted toward the equipment of Ferroplast Medical LLC.
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