Chamber КБ-02-"Я"-ФП "Ultra-Light"

Germicidal chamber КБ-02-Я-ФП "Ultra-Light" allows for keeping prearranged sterile instruments on hand. Sterilized working instruments and materials are stored under the UV lamp exposure for up to seven days. This model is suitable for compact premises, as it can be fixed on the wall.
The chamber consists of:

  • metal body with doors of tempered glass preventing UV radiation from leaving the chamber;
  • metal mesh for laying sterile instruments;
  • illumination engineering part (15 W germicidal lamp, ballasts, control and indication unit) for setting the timer, signalling of the objects storage time.
  • The chamber is used as floor-standing version, and, due to the availability of special brackets, it can be attached to the wall, which saves space in the rooms. The metal mesh at the chamber bottom allows only for horizontal placement of the instrument. Due to its compact design, the chamber can easily be placed in almost any premise of medical institutions, beauty treatment salons and dental offices.
1. The chamber operates from AC voltage 220 ±22 V, frequency 50 Hz.
2. The power consumed by the chamber from AC mains is no more than 40 W.
3. Exposure rate from UV radiation source (15 W germicidal lamp) to geometric center of the chamber mesh at a wavelength in the range of 253.7 nm is no less than 10 W/m.
4. The chamber continuous operation is no more than 168 hours.
5. Time to recover the chamber operation mode is no more than 10 minutes.
6. The force applied to the handle required to open the chamber cover is no more than 20 N.
7. The chamber has a metal mesh to arrange the instruments withstanding uniformly distributed load of no more than 100 N.
8. As for safety requirements, the chamber is class I type B product in accordance with GOST R 50267.0-92
9. Overall dimensions of the chamber, max., 600х400х500 mm.
10. The chamber weight is no more than 20 kg.
11. Mean time between failures is no less than 1500 hours;
12. Average service life is 5 years.
13. The outer chamber surfaces allow for disinfection by wiping with disinfectants registered and approved in the Russian Federation for disinfection of surfaces according to the regimes regulated by the effective documents on the use of disinfectants approved in the established manner. The inner surfaces of the chamber are resistant to treatment by wiping with disinfectants as per MU 287-113.
14. The chamber operating conditions correspond to the UHL 4.2 climatic version as per GOST R 50444-92: temperature from +10 C to + 35 C; relative humidity - 80% at a temperature of 25 C.
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