Chamber КБ-"Я"-ФП "Ultra-Light"

Germicidal chamber КБ-"Я"-ФП "Ultra-Light" allows for keeping instruments sterile after disinfection preventing bacteria from recontaminating the objects. The materials remain clean up to 7 days thanks to UV radiation, which does not leave the chamber.
The chamber consists of:

  • metal body with pivotally raising/lowering metal cover with mounted light and heat-insulating glass that completely inhibits UV radiation;
  • metal meshes for laying sterile instruments;
  • illumination engineering part (30W UV germicidal lamp, ballasts, control and indication unit).

The chamber is used as floor-standing version. The option of mounting the meshes in two levels allows for increasing the load of medical instruments by 1.5 times in comparison with analogs equipped with meshes of the same level.

The chamber design has patented solution expressed in the removal of the screw caps and fixtures of the germicidal UV lamp beyond the working volume of the chamber, which significantly improves the sterility supporting modes. The efficiency of this design is proved by the All-Russian Research Institute of Preventive Toxicology and Disinfectology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

1. The chamber operates from AC voltage 220 ±22 V, frequency 50 Hz.
2. The power consumed by the chamber from AC mains is no more than 40 VA.
3. Exposure rate from UV radiation source (30W germicidal lamp) to geometric center of the chamber mesh at a wavelength in the range of 253.7 nm is no less than 6.0 W/m
4. The chamber continuous operation is no more than 168 hours.
5. Time to recover the chamber operation mode is no more than 10 minutes.
6. The force applied to the handle required to open the chamber cover is no more than 20 N.
7. The chamber has a metal mesh to arrange the instruments withstanding uniformly distributed load of at least 100 N.
8. As for safety requirements, the chamber is class I type B product in accordance with GOST R 50267.0-92
9. The chamber overall dimensions are 1170х950х600 mm +- 10 mm.
10. The chamber weight is no more than 50 kg.
11. Mean time between failures is no less than 1500 hours;
12. Average service life is 5 years.
13. The outer surfaces of the chamber allow for disinfection as per MU-287-113, when using disinfectants with addition of 0.5% detergent such as "Lotus", "Astra" as per GOST 25644-88.
14. The chamber operating conditions correspond to the UHL 4.2 climatic version as per GOST R 50444-92: temperature from 10 C to + 35 C; relative humidity - 80% at a temperature of 25 C.
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