Air cleaner - recirculator Ferroplast Clean Air

Contemporary, stylish and productive. The model is equipped with 3 lamps of 15 watts and disinfects up to 100 cubic meters per hour. Convenient control, digital display with lamp operating time timer. The model has an air filter.
This recirculator is suitable for disinfection of indoor air (except medical) up to 75 cubic meters.

Air disinfection occurs during the forced circulation of the air flow through the metal case, where the flow is exposed to three UV germicidal lamps with a power of 15 W each.

The closed-type device is easy to maintain and operate, disinfection with standard means is possible.

Floor placement is possible on a mobile stand, which allows the recirculator to be moved across the floor.

Has a noise level of no more than 55 dBA.

The display is designed to display various information:

- total operating time of UV-C lamps;

- current time in 24-hour format;

- warning about the need to replace UV-C lamps after the useful life has expired;

- warning about the malfunction of UV-C lamps;

- fan failure warning;

- enabling, disabling and adjusting the optical sensor.

The recirculator implements a shutdown function by an optical sensor, based on the principle of measuring the level of illumination in a room.

When a minimum illumination threshold is found, which is characteristic of turning off artificial lighting at night, the recirculator will turn off.

The user will be able to adjust this sensor according to the manual for the level of illumination in his room.

1. Overall dimensions, (HxWxD) ± 5, mm: 880x370x155
2. Weight, no more, kg: 7.5
3. Weight with a mobile stand, no more, kg: 15
4. Rated voltage, V: +/- 10% ~ 220
5. Frequency, ± 1, Hz: 50
6. Power consumption, no more, W: 70
7. Power of one UV-C lamp, W: 15
8. Number of installed lamps, pcs: 3
9. Productivity, ± 10%, m³ / h: 100
10. Recommended room volume, m³: 75
The level of the produced noise, no more, dBA: 55.
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